Pop Sensation

 "Pop Sensation" is a poem from my first self published book "Love Confessions" released in 2015.

I'm sitting here in the dark
Loosing my mind over every thing that has happened
Crying my eyes out over the dark days I have had
That's when I decide to listen to you.
I turn on my phone and plug the headphones in
The music starts to play and I feel a little better
I hear your voice and then ibkniw that everything will be okay
You sing "brighter day" and so the lights come on
You sing "sweet kisses" and my heart lights up
You sing "baby don't cry" but I do so anyway
Whenever I listen to your music my life gets better.
Yet at the same time I get even more insane
I seem to have fallen in love with you
Falling in love with a superstar is normal but not my love
I can't go a day without thinking of you
I can't go a second without day dreaming about you
I can't even date others girls because of you
No one just seems to compare. They all fail in comparison
No one has you beauty, style, big forehead, sexiness, or smile
No one can hold all of my love
The memories I have for you are precious which I would never give up
We've shared too many great moments
I have posters of you all on my wall
You are my phones lock screen
La La La is my ringtone
My Love" is my theme song
By the day I get crazier
I start to hate other females
I start to hate the fact that we live in two different countries
I hate the men who don't even know you or see you yet live in the same town as you
I hate the door knobs you touch
I hate the bed you sleep on
I hate the clothes you wear
I hate everything you touch because I wish it was me
I want to me the night gown you sleep in
I want to be the floor you step on
I want to be the fingers you use to caress yourself with
I sound crazy but that's because I am
I'm "So Crazy" for you girl

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Garser Dismuke is a writer for Blerdsonline.com as well as Garserspoetry.com
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