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Runnin Out Of Time

Runnin out of time, to make you love me
Is it I, the one with the purple cheeks
Rosy bottom
waiting on your love at the end of the day
the sun sets just as you walk the streets
legs long like an amazon
Armani suit with pink beret

Oh, you spin my head around
Is it you, the beauty with lavender scent
a calm demeansor and lust like a lion
Truth is, I've been runnin out of spells
You're armor is solid like a castle
My arrows could never penetrate
I'm a starfish wading in a universe you don't dip your toes in

Garser Dismuke is a writer as well He releases his vast knowledge of Anime, Wrestling, K-pop and Poetry on the daily Check out my new book “181820” on Amazon Follow @GarserTheClown

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