About Me

Garser Tyrone Dismuke is a young Poet and Storyteller from Chicago. He studies Psychology and Teaching. I am apart of the blog Blerdsonline.com.

I've always had an imagination hat stretched longer than my intestines. One day I finally started to write with an idea of being a script writer. Over a year later I'm a freshman in high school with a broken heart. I start to write poems and through this I decided to become a Poet. Over time my script writing became short story writing which I love even more.

In my senior year of high school I released a flimsy e-book titled "Love Confessions" that I made within an hour, that consisted of 12 or so poems. I did it for fun and the experience of actually releasing something into the world with monetary gains. I sold about 30 copies at $3.00. After the Kindle cut I made $50 total. It's been years and I haven't made any more money sense. Its funny, a bit sad, but the knowledge I gained was great.

As of January 2020, I've graduated community college with an Assossicates degree. I have ambitions of releasing more books, poems, stories and writing more in general. I may never reach the level of of a Haruki Murakami, but if I can at least be someone like Rupi Kaur, someone whose writing speaks to others that enjoy and can relate to the things I think about at 2am, I'm fine with that.

So come along with me on this journey as I try to conquer the world. I can't promise ice cream or student loan forgiveness but I can promise to make you smile, laugh, cry and think differently on subjects. 


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